About the database

Find an Expert is tool developed an maintained by the Office of Strategic Communications. This tool provides access to UCI-affiliated experts in a variety of subject areas.

Finding an expert

Experts are associated with one or more category that aligns with their general area of practice or research. They may also be tagged with keywords that further describe their areas of expertise.

Experts can be found by either browsing or searching the database. To browse the database, select a topic from the Categories menu at top and a listing of experts matching the selection is displayed. You can browse a different category using the main menu at top or via the category links in the expert’s description and page sidebar. You can browse experts associated with a common keyword via the ‘Tagged With’ links in the expert’s description.

To search the database, enter your desired search terms into the search form at top and a list matching that search term are returned. The system searches across the experts’ names, descriptions, categories, and tags.

Sorting results

Listed experts can be sorted by name or time of last update using the Sort Experts options in the page sidebar.

Submitting, modifying, and removing experts

Requests for adding, modifying, and removing experts are handled via the Find an Expert request form. A valid UCInetID is required to submit requests.

Those individuals whose information is added to the database must agree to be contacted by and responsive to media representatives who may be on tight deadlines.