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Yong Chen

Professor, History

Yong Chen is Professor of Hist. He also served as the Associate Dean of Curricular and Student Services in the School of Humanities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chinese American Experience
  • Immigration History
  • Food
  • Asian-American History
  • Cultural History


Yong Chen is Professor of History and Chancellor’s Fellow at UCI, where he served as the Associate Dean in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (1999-2004). He is the author of Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America (Columbia University Press, 2014); Chinese San Francisco 1850-1943 (Stanford, 2000) and The Chinese in San Francisco (Peking University Press, 2009), and co-editor of New Perspectives on American History (Hebei People’s Publishing House, 2010). He was also the co-curator of “‘Have You Eaten Yet?’: The Chinese Restaurant in America” in Atwater Kent Museum, Philadelphia (2006), and the Museum of Chinese in the Americas, New York City (2004–05). He serves on the National Landmarks Committee of the advisory board of the National Park Service of the United States.


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Cornell University

PhD, 1993